What Not to Put Down Your Drain

Many citizens of Orange County, California lead very busy, fast-paced lives. Family and career responsibilities take up much of our time. So, when we cook or clean, we use convenient products that allow us to get the job done quickly and get back to family and work.  However, a problem arises when we need to dispose of those products quickly. If they are liquid, our first thought may be to pour them down the sink. However, the products that make life convenient aren’t always healthy for our plumbing or our environment. So, pouring waste products down the drain can often create big problems. Here’s a quick a guide for what you shouldn’t put down your drains.

  • Cooking grease and oil – Grease is one of the most common unsafe products people dispose of by drain. When you’re done cooking your grease, it’s in liquid form. However, sometimes people forget that grease becomes solid once it cools. If you dispose of grease down your drain, you may be setting yourself up for a bad clog.
  • Toxic household cleaners – If you have left-over household cleaners you’d like to get rid of, it’s unwise to dispose of them down the drain. Corrosive materials such as pesticides, solvents and other cleaning chemicals can cause significant damage to your plumbing system. They also enter either a septic system or a municipal sewer system, which may corrode plumbing or collect in a trap, releasing toxic fumes through sewers.
  • Motor oil Used motor oil is possibly the biggest “no-no” for drain disposal.  Pouring motor oil down your drains can harm your plumbing and contaminate Orange County’s soil and water table.

If you are unsure of whether a substance is safe to put down the drain, err on the side of caution and consult a reliable resource. The Waste Management of Orange County website provides information on how to dispose of hazardous waste. You can even take many products there to be disposed of correctly free of charge. Additionally, if you are unsure of what to do, feel free to call us at Barker and Sons Plumbing. We’re Orange County plumbers, so we are familiar with the do’s and don’ts of your plumbing system.