Sewer Line Cleaning: A Homeowner’s Responsibility

As a leading Orange County sewer cleaning service provider, we understand the importance of completing sewer line cleanings on a timely basis.  It’s important to note that sewer line cleaning is a responsibility that belongs to homeowners. Let’s take a closer look at this.

There are many responsibilities that come with home ownership, some of which you might not be aware. For example, did you know you are responsible for the parts of your sewer line that are buried on your property? As a responsible homeowner, you should complete a thorough sewer line cleaning at least once per year.

Why Homeowners are Responsible for Sewer Line Cleaning

The length of pipe that connects your property to the mainline sewer in the street is known as the sewer lateral. The section between your property line and the mainline sewer is owned and maintained by your district. The section between your home and your property line is owned by you, and, therefore, you are responsible for completing a timely sewer line cleaning.

It is very important to educate yourself on where to find your sewer clean-outs. These are capped pipes, approximately four inches in diameter, used as access points where the sewer lateral can be serviced. Typically, you will find two clean-outs in a California home – one just outside of the building, and one at the property line. If you find you are unable to locate your clean-outs, it’s possible they have been buried under dirt or concrete. This is a time to call in a professional licensed plumber to help you find them.

Once located, it is your responsibility to keep the sewer lateral and clean-out free and clear of debris that can cause a blockage. The clean-out cap can typically be removed by hand or with a wrench. You can usually clear the pipe by using an auger, commonly known as a “plumbing snake.” This is a coiled cable attached to a large head. When uncoiled, the head will push through blockages to get water flowing through the pipe again. If using this tool does not work, it is time to contact a plumber who can use a plumbing camera to investigate things further.

No matter how old or new your Orange County home may be, you need to complete a sewer line cleaning so that your family can have access to clean water. Blockages and leaking pipes can cause outgoing water to infiltrate incoming potable water, which can bring in water-borne diseases and make your family members sick.

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