Benefits of Water Quality Systems

Also known as simply water treatment, water conditioning is the processing of water to modify, enhance or improve its quality to meet a desired set of standards. Water quality systems are typically used for water conditioning.

Water from city pipes can carry a variety of contaminants, including rust, dirt, debris and even lead. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, a well-established water company in California can test the water entering your home and offer options for treatment, including the installation of a whole-home water filtration unit, an excellent water quality system. Such a system removes chlorine and other chemicals from the water as soon as they enter the home’s plumbing.

Benefits of Water Quality Systems for Homes

Some common household benefits of installing water quality systems include:

  • Your laundry will no longer be embedded with or ruined by chemicals in the water.
  • Soap scum and water spots on your dishes will be reduced.
  • The air you breathe will be cleaner.

If you are currently buying bottled water for cooking and drinking because you do not like the smell or taste of your water, you will find that a water quality system will save you money over time and help you have a greener household. Not only does the price of those jugs and bottles of water add up, their empty plastic containers are crowding California landfills. By allowing a reputable water company in California to install a water quality system in your home, you can help address our state’s landfill crisis.

Installing Water Softener Systems Can Save Your Pipes and Appliances

Another consideration is that the previously mentioned contaminants contribute to the overall hardness of the water supply to your home. “Hardness” refers to the amount of dissolved solids in your water. If your water is five grains hardness or higher, you have what’s considered to be hard water. The higher the number, the harder the water, and some Orange County homes have readings in the thirties! While hard water does not present a health risk, it can be extremely damaging to your pipes, corroding them from the inside out. It can also dull the finish on your fixtures and lower the life expectancy of your hot water heater. If you have hard water, you should consider contacting a quality water company in California to discuss installing a water softener system in your home. We offer quality services that address water softening in Orange County, CA.

If you are interested in having your water quality tested and/or learning more about whole-home water quality systems or water softening systems, call Barker & Sons at (714) 630-8766. We’re a leading water company in California that specializes in installing water softener systems.

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