Selecting Between a Single Bowl Sink and a Double Bowl Sink Installation

Are you considering remodeling your kitchen? Are you in the process of designing a beautiful new kitchen for you home? If so, you’ll need to decide between a single bowl and a double bowl sink installation for your kitchen. At Barker & Sons Plumbing, we specialize in Orange County sink installations. We’ve completed so many kitchen sink installations over the years in Anaheim, Fullerton, Newport Beach, Garden Grove, and all throughout Orange County. As a result, we can provide a helpful guide comparing the differences between a single bowl sink and a double bowl sink.

Single Bowl Sink Advantages and Uses

A single bowl sink has one large basin, and it is the better sink option if you use (or intend to use) a lot of large pots and pans. A single bowl sink offers you the flexibility to wash larger items in the single large bowl. If you don’t have a great deal of counter space, a single bowl sink may allow you to maximize that space. Also, a single bowl sink installation makes it easier to work around existing fixtures or cabinets. Remodeling a kitchen is much easier if you can simply replace the existing sink with a new sink of a similar size. Installing a larger sink may require the removal of existing cabinetry. Really take this into consideration if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen.

If cost is an important factor, you should know that single bowl sinks are generally less expensive than other sinks, largely due to their smaller size. Also, a single bowl sink installation means that you’ll only need to install and maintain a single drain, minimizing long-term costs. While single bowl sinks appear smaller than other sinks and may take up less space, their volume may actually be more than that of other sinks – often more than enough for soaking large pots and pans.

Double Bowl Sink Advantages and Uses

Double bowl sinks are becoming increasingly common in today’s kitchens. With a double bowl sink, you can have either two bowls of the same size or one bowl larger than the other. Double bowl sinks are excellent for multi-tasking purposes.  For example, you could use the garbage disposal on one side, while your significant other washes or dries dishes on the other. The versatility of the double bowl sink allows for some real bonding time in the kitchen! Also, if two people clean the dishes at the same time, the job gets done faster! So many of the customers we’ve provided double bowl sink installations for here in Orange County really love having a separate space for food preparation and garbage disposing.

We hope this helps you decide whether to go with a single bowl sink or a double bowl sink installation. When you’re ready, contact Barker & Sons plumbing for a sink installation in Orange County!