Tackling Five Common Water Heater Problems

Your water heater is an appliance you and your family rely on for comfort and convenience. You depend on your unit every day for showering, laundry, and daily household tasks. Don’t let a faulty water heater slow down your daily routine! Over the years, we’ve helped families in Anaheim, Irvine, Fullerton, Newport Beach, and all over Orange County tackle common water heater problems.

Water Heater Problems

If you’re dealing with water heater problems, chances are high that the issue can be easily fixed by a leading Orange County plumber.

No Hot Water

The most common water heater problem we receive service calls for is that the unit is not producing hot water. For gas water heaters, check the pilot light to see if it’s on. If it is, the gas thermocouple may be faulty and require replacement. Standard thermocouples are available at most home centers and hardwood stores. If the pilot keeps turning off after being lit, it’s possible that the gas pilot valve could be faulty—contact us for assistance.

Popping Noises

Are you sick of hearing a popping or high pitched whining noise coming from your water heater unit? It’s likely that excessive sediment has built up on the bottom of the tank and is causing the water to actually boil. What you can do is flush out the water heater and then refill it.

Rust Colored Water

All hot water heaters contain an anode rod that slowly dissolves to prevent rust from accumulating inside the water tank. When the anode rod starts failing, the rust will become visible in the water. Replacement of the anode rod should fix this issue. Keep in mind that many manufacturers recommend water heater anode replacement every two to four years depending on the hardness of the water that passes through the tank and the quality of the water heater lining.

Give us a call if you need anode rod replacement.

Rotten Egg Odor

Does your water smell like rotten eggs? It’s possible that there’s a bacterial infection inside of the water heater tank. Bacteria may be feeding on the hydrogen gas that’s emitted by the anode rod. This problem can be fixed pretty easily in most cases. Flush out all the water from the tank and fill it with two pints of three percent hydrogen peroxide solution (for a 40 gallon tank). Let this solution sit in the tank for about two hours—then refill it with water.

Water Leak

If your water heater is leaking, it’s possible that the water temperature and pressure relief valve may be releasing excess water because of water overheating. To tackle this problem, reduce the thermostat setting and see if this eliminates the leak. You may want to also consider replacing the valve itself. If the leak is originating underneath the tank, there may be a hole in the tank because of rust. If this is the case, you’ll need water tank replacement.

If you’ve followed our solutions to these common water heater problems and the issue still remains, you may need professional hot water heater repair or replacement. Give us a call or contact us online—we’ve been serving the Orange County area for 28 years. We pride ourselves in providing customers with respect, quality work, and professionalism.