Common Homeowner Plumbing Mistakes

Plumbing problems often crop up at inconvenient times with no warning.  Unfortunately, there are situations in which you could unintentionally cause such issues to occur or even inadvertently make them worse.  Below are some common plumbing mistakes homeowners make.

  • Failing to Disconnect Your Outdoor Hose– Freezing temperatures in Orange County are rare, which means homeowners often forget about the precautions needed under such conditions.  For example, you should disconnect your outdoor hoses from their water source and shut off the outdoor water line.  If you do not, the associated pipes could freeze and burst, creating a plumbing emergency.
  • Using  Too Much Drain Cleaner– When you have a clogged drain, it’s only natural to hope the clog is minor enough to be resolved by a commercial drain cleaner.  However, if one application of drain cleaner does not remove the clog, it is best to stop there and call a plumber.  Repeated applications of commercial drain cleaners can corrode your pipes, and the resulting corrosion will actually make the clog worse.
  • Do-It-Yourself Miscalculations– First, homeowners who install their own plumbing fixtures will often choose the incorrect size of pipe for the job.  It is important to choose pipes that can properly handle the amount of water coming through them.  Otherwise, you will be unsatisfied with the flow and pressure of water from the fixture, and you will also find the pipes will clog more easily.  Next, homeowners often fail to seal threaded joints on plumbing fixtures.  Any fixture that fits by being screwed in will have an inadequate seal on its own.  You must wrap the threads of the male connection with plumbing tape, and then apply pipe compound to avoid leaking from the joint.

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