Signs Your Sump Pump Needs Maintenance

A sump pump keeps your basement dry. It is usually placed in a location where water tends to accumulate. A sump pump is something we usually don’t think much about until it’s not working and we have a basement full of water. It is a good idea to keep the sump pump properly maintained in order to avoid problems. The following are signs that your sump pump needs maintenance.  

The most obvious symptom of a sump pump not working properly is rising water. A sump pump running excessively could also be a sign that maintenance is needed. There could be a buildup of water somewhere under the basement. This could also be an indication that there is a drainage problem somewhere under or around the house. Loud or strange noises coming from the sump pump should not be ignored. This could mean that there is some kind of blockage somewhere in the sump pump. A properly maintained sump pump system should run quietly. Strong odors coming from the area of the sump pump is another indication that maintenance is needed. This could mean a variety of things. There could be mold growing somewhere in the system. This needs to be repaired promptly since it could be a health hazard. Sometimes the vents or seals in the system are clogged. There could also be material backed up or stuck somewhere in the sump pump.

Sump pump maintenance is extremely important since flooding in the basement can cause extensive damage. Excessive flooding can even cause damage to the foundation of a home. Having a backup power source for the sump pump is also something that should be considered. If the power goes out for a long period of time this may cause flooding. If the sump pump is exhibiting any of the problems listed above it’s probably time to have the system inspected. A professional will be able to tell if repairs need to be made or a new sump pump should be purchased.

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