Getting Your Money’s Worth From Plumbers

In the plumbing industry, sometimes finding an honest professional can be hard. However, hiring a plumber should not be stressful. If you know which sneaky tricks to look for to avoid a terrible experience, finding a reliable plumber will be simple again!

Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson describes tricks of the trade you may run into with a plumber. We’ve briefly explained them below. If you see any of these signs, search again!

1. Unlicensed and uninsured: Though often cheaper, the risk is not worth it. The work will likely be done poorly, requiring you to do it again, and a bank won’t lend money if the work was done illegally.

2. Give you an estimate before seeing the site: A quote can never be predicted without seeing the job site, so don’t accept that. Also, ensure it’s in writing as well as in-person.

3. Offering a cheap bid: If you’re surprised by the bid something may be wrong. Get a few bids so you can accurately compare.

4. Padding the estimate: A good plumber can charge a decent price without adding a bunch of items to the list. Be aware of that.

5. Showing up uninvited: A qualified plumber knows you will call if you need them. As always, don’t let strangers in and collect recommendations for all service work.

6. Bringing in extra workers: If a plumber sends more workers than needed for the job, it is likely just a way for the company to charge more money than necessary.

7. Asking you to pay in full before the work is done: Down payments are reasonable. However, a full bill should only be expected when the work is complete and approved.

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