Factors to Consider When Buying a Toilet

Image Courtesy of John Kasawa/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What are you looking for in a new toilet? Comfort? Performance? Style?

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying the right toilet for your family and home.

Size and Price: How much space are you working with? Make sure you head to the store with the correct measurements of the location you are looking to fill. Keep in mind, of course, the toilet must be placed where the drain is. The distance from the wall to the center of the bolts at the base of the existing toilet (the drain location) is usually about 12 inches. If you find measurements outside of the 11″-13″ range, a standard toilet may not fit. Next, determine a price you are willing to spend. Knowing your size and price before shopping will make the process easier.

Bowl Shape: Generally, you have two options – elongated bowl and round bowl. In situations where you have limited space, round bowls tend to work better.

Toiler Height: A standard toilet height is about 15 inches. This is the comfortable height for the general public, while closer to 17 inches is the ADA approved height for handicap toilets. For this factor, consider the height and need of those in your home most frequently using the toilet, and go from there.

Design: Toilets typically come in the following 3 design options – one piece, two piece, and wall mount. While wall mount toilets are not common and cost more to purchase and install, these toilets are great for handicap people and are also easier to clean underneath. The one piece saves space and creates a stylish look, although it may require a larger upfront investment. The two-piece, the most common type, is usually more economical.

Color: You obviously need a toilet that fits well in the room it will reside in. Toilets often come in a variety of color options. Since you don’t replace your toilet frequently, be sure to choose one that matches you current decor but can also sustain some possible redecorating projects over time.

Conservation: Looking for a toilet that also saves on water consumption? By choosing toilets that reduce water usage, such as those with the WaterSense label of approval, you can qualify for a rebate from your local water district. This is an extra bonus and a great Eco-friendly option to consider.

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