Water Filtration Vs. Water Softening

illustrationLooking to improve the quality of water in your home but unsure of the differences in treatment options? We’ll give you a simple break down! First, it is important to understand that determining which treatment option is best for your home starts with a water test. At Barker and Sons, we offer water testing throughout all of Orange County, CA so we can bring the best water services to your home.

The main difference between filtering and softening comes down to whether your are dealing with suspended particles (filtration) or dissolved minerals (softening) in your water. A water filtration system helps to separate those suspended particles from the water passing through a filter and leaving the unwanted particles behind, bringing only fresh and clean water all the way through. Softeners, on the other hand, are meant to eliminate the calcium and magnesium found in hard water. A softener, which is a mechanical appliance, can be installed in your home’s water supply system. The main component of the softening process is the exchange of different ions.

The main benefits of a water softener are are the following:

  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Extends the life of your appliances
  • Quickens water heating
  • Keeps plumbing system cleaner

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