Greywater System Do’s & Don’ts

Keeping your garden alive during the California drought is certainly a challenge. With state-wide water regulations being put in place, residents have to cut back on everything from shower times to sprinkler systems. That’s why greywater systems are an excellent alternative for home garden water needs.

multicolored flowerbed on a lawn

As with most things, the benefits of a greywater system only come if used properly. Get the do’s and dont’s of greywater reuse below:

  • Don’t store greywater. After 24 hours, a bad odor will form.
  • Don’t drink greywater. Greywater is meant to be soaked into the ground. Drinking greywater may expose you to pathogens you don’t want in your body.
  • Don’t allow greywater to pool. You want to build a water efficient system, not a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Do keep your system as simple as possible. They last longer and cost less. Plus they require less maintenance and energy.
  • Do install a 3-way valve. This will make the switch between the greywater system and the septic system simple.
  • Do match the amount of greywater your plants recieve to their irrigation needs.

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