Keeping Your Little Cook Safe in the Kitchen

Tomorrow is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day! What other way to celebrate then to give your kids a go at their favorite meal. Keep it simple with a PB&J or sweeten it up with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

family of four cooking together in kitchen

Whatever you choose, teaching your kids about what they need to be aware of in the kitchen is the first step. To avoid injuries and mishaps while your little chef learns to cook, make sure you review these safety guidelines with them:

  • Wear an apron, but nothing big and baggy that can get caught on equipment
  • Make sure you check with an adult before turning on or using an appliance
  • Never use a knife without the help of an adult and make sure its kept out of the way in a safe place when your finished with it
  • Always wash your hands after handling an egg
  • Always use an oven mitt when handling a hot item
  • Be aware of where hot items and sharp items are placed in the kitchen at all times

For more tips on being safe in the kitchen, turn to Kid’s Health.

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