Orange County Water Heaters: Think Tankless

girl enjoying tankless hot water shower

Are people ranting and raving about their tankless water heater and you’re wondering if you should make the switch? We can help! Since summer is coming to an end and a new water heater installation may be on your to-do list, getting all the facts together now is probably your best bet.

We’ll make it a simple with this breakdown below:


There is no standby loss with tankless water heaters. The water is heated based on “demand” or only as it is used.

With tankless water heaters you’ll see a major long-term reduction in energy costs.

One person can take a shower right after another. There is no such thing as running out of hot water with tankless water heaters.

There are various installation options depending on the amount of hot water required.


Tankless water heaters do not maintain the same rate of water flow as tank heaters do.

Initial costs of tankless water heaters and their installation are far more than conventional ones.

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For more information on tankless water heaters, click here.

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