Tuesday Tips: Choosing Between Gas & Electric Stoves

There are a number of appliances you hate to see break in your home. Dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and stoves – no one wants to go a day without these. If you’re a homeowner in need of a new stove, but not sure which type to choose, check out our breakdown below:

Gas Stoves. The biggest advantages of a gas stove include the ability to generate heat instantly and then continue to control the the exact amount of heat while cooking. Some homeowners, however, are weary of gas appliances, because they raise the potential for gas leaks. At Barker and Sons, we can help you combat this problem with our 24/7 leak detection & testing services. Although gas stoves tend to be pricier than electric stoves, with our help, this option may still be right for you. We also install gas lines to get your new gas stove working!

cooking stir fry on stovetop

Electric Stoves. As said, electric stoves are definitely cheaper than gas stoves. However, you do have to wait that extra time to allow the burner to heat up. There are advance functions and settings that come with electric stove options, and due to gas leaks, some homeowners view it as a safer alternative.

For more on the difference between gas stoves and electric stoves, click here.

Without a doubt in need of the instant heat a gas stove provides? Be worry free with our gas leak safety tips and services.

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