3 Reasons Your Pipes Sound Haunted


Halloween is just around the corner. Haunted houses and hay rides are everyone’s favorite seasonal activities. However, has the spook entered your own home?

If you hear abrupt banging in your home this Halloween, it’s likely not a ghost. It’s probably just some noisy pipes!

To free your mind of fantasy this Halloween, here are three good reasons your pipes are causing a ruckus:

  1. Broken vales or faucets: You turn on the faucet and hear a loud klunk but very little water actually comes out? The water main may have to be shut off and the faucet or valve needs to be cleared out and replaced. A broken piece of material is likely trapped behind the opening.
  2. Loose pipes: If your pipes are not secured to the ceiling or wall it’s going to cause them to bang against the surface as water runs through. Try quieting the pipe with insulating clips or hangers.
  3. High water pressure: Everyone likes a hot shower with high water pressure but you may not want to hear it. If the water pressure in your home is higher than 80 psi you may need a reducer valve installed on the main water line.

If noisy pipes have your house sounding haunted this season, call Barker and Sons for professional assistance. Don’t forget – when carving out those Jack-O-Lanterns, dispose of the pumpkin pulp the right way. Flushing pulp down the drain will cause a great deal of other plumbing issues this Halloween.