High-Tech Plumbing Updates Available

interior design of a bathroom

Cutting-edge products can be found in all parts of the home these days, including your bathroom! Innovative toilets were one of the first bathroom updates to bring unique technology to the bathroom – but it doesn’t end there.

Lighted mirrors. Inspired by high-end hotels, lighted mirrors help bring optimal lighting solutions to the everyday bathroom.

Singing showers. Sync your ipod or iphone right to your shower with digital shower heads. Kohler’s Moxie showerhead & wireless speaker is just one of the ways you can be a rock-star in the shower.

Bubble baths. Up and coming air tubs allow you to receive the benefits of a whirlpool without having to worry about bacteria and mold getting into the piping system. Plus, a desired temperature is easier to control.

Touchless technology. No touch faucets are expected in a public bathroom, but why not make it the newest addition to your home? Kohler is taking touchless to the toilet by allowing you to add on this feature to most single-flush toilets for about $100.

For more on ways to “plumb fancy,” visit expressnews.com.

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