Ways to Save on Water & Energy This October

This month there are not one, but two campaigns talking about ways to save! With Energy Action Month and Shower Better Month (sponsored by EPA WaterSense) underway, Barker and Sons is doing their share to get you the information you need! The first item on the agenda is realizing the connection between energy and water use. WaterSense calls it the “Drops-to-Watts Connection” as it “takes energy to pump, heat, treat and deliver the water we use every day.”


Up next? Finding ways to save and cut resources. Energy.gov created a home energy checklist that outlines conservation efforts you can make within your home. Start with small efforts and then aim higher as the month continues. For example:

Today, turn down the water heater to 120 degrees and ensure your water heater has an insulating blanket.

This week, purchase a low-flow shower-head and faucet aerator, which will make your plumbing fixtures more efficient.

This month, insulate your hot water pipes and seal up all the air leaks in your home.

Access the complete checklist here.

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