Child Safety Protection Month – Childproof Your Plumbing

girl happily washing hands in softened water

November is Child Safety Protection Month and a perfect time to implement a few childproof tactics in your home. Between the kitchen and bathroom, there are plenty of appliances that can put your children in harms way. With these tips for childproofing your plumbing, you can rest a little easier all year round.

Use a switch blocker on your garbage disposal to prevent children from turning it on.

Install child proof locks on cabinets that hide away pipes or other potentially hazardous materials.

Always drain tub and sink water when not in use. Consider keeping the toilet lid down as well if your children are still small.

Lay down non-slip/rubber mats in and out of the tub to prevent slipping.

Make sure the door can be unlocked from the outside in, in case of accidents or emergencies.

For emergency plumbing situations and to keep your family safe and comfortable in your home all year round, call Barker and Sons. We service water heaters, water quality, gas leaks and more. Visit our website for more information.