Teaching Kids to Conserve

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Have your little ones joined in on the effort to conserve water, yet? They can, and they should!

It’s simple. With these five tips for conserving water, even the young ones in your family can become little conservationists:

Keep the water turned off. Teach your children good habits by reminding them to turn the water off when brushing their teeth or lathering up their hands.

Turn off faucets…all the way. Every drop counts and when faucets are not tightly closed shut, water may be leaking while you’re out and about. Therefore, ask your kids to check all the faucets and ensure they give it a good push after each use.

Let it mellow. The golden rule! Since flushing uses up to 5 gallons of water, ask your children not to flush when appropriate.

Bathe babies in just a few inches. It’s safer to draw a short bath for babies, as is, and it is also a simple way to save. Once children require more than one to two inches of water, have them switch over to a quick shower, instead.

Reuse. A fun and easy way to reuse water in your home is to encourage kids to utilize half drank water bottles for watering the grass and plants outside. Water bottles are wasted time and time again, plus, this saves you from having to turn on your sprinkler.

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