Cleaning Your Oven the Clever Way


Today is National Cookie Day! After baking yourself a sweet treat and sharing it with your loved ones, you may notice your oven could use a little help. It’s an appliance we use often, but clean infrequently. Change that today with these clever tricks:

Arrive with the ammonia. Ammonia is perfect for freeing your racks from the cooked on gunk you don’t like to look at. Fill up a large washtub or bathtub with warm warm and add half a cup of ammonia. Let your oven racks soak for just 15 minutes and you’ll be able to wipe them dry and clean.

Add a splash of salt. Especially if you love to bake pizza, you hate when that melted cheese crusts right on to the oven floor. Stop the solidification early by tossing on some salt while it is still warm. Once the oven cools you’ll be able to wipe it right off – no residue, no burnt smell.

Veer over to the vinegar. Vinegar is perfect for combating grease. Whether grease splatters out of your frying pan, hardens onto your broiler, or sticks to your hot plate, vinegar is your solution. Wash with a sponge dipped in vinegar and rinse with water and a soft cloth.

Get nifty with some newspaper. No one likes the ashy residue that crumbles up at the bottom of your oven. Put some old newspaper to good use by moistening it with a little water and wiping the bottom clean of anything your self-cleaning function can’t handle.

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