Plumb Your Way Into a Merry Christmas

Baby trying to smear mothers nose with flour while making christmas cookiesSanta Clause is coming to town and so are your holiday plumbing tips from Barker and Sons! Christmas is a time for family, fun and a wonderful celebration – not plumbing problems.

To make sure leaky pipes are the last thing on your mind this season, get all of your preventative plumbing maintenance out of the way today and follow these quick tips:

  • Check for preventative plumbing needs ahead of time. If you notice leaks or back-ups that can be fixed now, do so.
  • Keep cooking oil out of the drain. This substance will harden and cause blockage.
  • Don’t use your garbage disposal as a trash can. It doesn’t like your honey-glazed ham as much as you do.
  • Use drain maintenance products now. Barker and Sons offers a quality product called Bio-One.
  • Open up multiple bathrooms to guests to avoid heavy usage on one drain.
  • Place a small trashcan directly next to the toilet and request people use it to keep un-flushable items out of the drain.

Leaving on a jet plane this Christmas? Turn down your water heater to save energy while you are away.

Barker and Sons is available 24/7 for your emergency needs. Call us at 714.630.8766 or visit our website for more information.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from our team!