How to Avoid an Unexpected Sewer Backup


There’s no denying just how frustrating it is to experience a nasty sewer problem. Though our state-of-the-art technology can remedy the issue in the most effective and efficient way possible, there is still plenty you can do, or not do, as a homeowner to limit the probability that it will happen in the first place.

Keep grease out of your drain. Grease will harden in your pipes and trap other particles from moving freely through the drains.

Keep flushable wipes out of the toilet. Regardless of what the label says, these things are pretty indestructible and can wreck your entire sewer system.

Keep hair from going down the shower drain. Whether you buy yourself a handy little strainer or simply collect all hair strands at the end of each shower and throw them in the trash, you want to be conscious of where stray hair is going and keep it from gathering up inside the drains.

Keep tree roots away from your sewer lines. Tree roots can grow right into your sewer line, causing pipes to break, crack and run improperly. Avoid this by keeping an eye on root growth and planting new trees a minimum of 10 feet from the main line.

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Source: HomeServeUSA