Good Reasons to Extend Fix a Leak Week Past March 20th

Barker and Sons, Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week might be coming to an end but we still want to leave you with some important tidbits of information to consider. Did you know that if the 1 trillion gallons of water wasted annually was conserved and transported to California, it would actually account for 40 percent of the drought-ridden state’s water requirements for an entire year (

It’s true. The Golden State is currently left with just a year’s worth of water – a statistic that should motivate all of us to take action and fix our leaks not just this week but on a regular basis. What can you do to start participating?

EPA recommends checking your water meters before and after a two-hour period of zero water use. The meter should read exactly the same. If the number is even a bit off, you likely have a plumbing leak you need to patch up.

Their second tip is to add a drop of food coloring to the toilet tank. Don’t flush. If the color ends up in the toilet bowl within 15 minutes you can probably contribute that to a leaky toilet flapper or valve that could use replacing. Be sure to flush the dye immediately following your test not to stain the fixture.

That’s just two of the many ways you can contribute to water conservation in California and the entire country. Want to save even more? Talk to Barker and Sons, your green certified Orange County plumber, about low-flow toilets and WaterSense labeled fixtures that can be installed in your home.

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