5 Common Plumbing Noises and How to Stop Them

From leaky faucets to rattling pipes, strange noises are a common problem in the home. Not to worry, there are often a number of simple solutions.

hand turning off water faucet
Saving water at faucet

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, here are 5 plumbing noises to look out for and ways to stop them:

Faucet Drips – A leaky faucet is a reminder of how much water is going to waste. The solution? A new washer may do the trick. However, if your sink or bathtub hardware is as old as 20 years, it may be time to replace the faucet.

Faucet Squeaks – A minor problem that is relatively easy to care for and is fairly inexpensive. This also requires a washer change or a little plumber’s grease applied to faucet handle stem threads that may be worn. But again, know if it’s time for a replacement.

Pipes Screech or Whistle – Another issue that isn’t major, though the main trouble here is finding the source of the noise. You may have some air or debris caught in your pipes. Fortunately, small issues like these call for a simple DIY fix. If you’re having difficulty finding out where the nuisance is coming from you should call a professional.

Shower Whooshes or Rumbles – These strange sounds are most likely caused by a buildup of mineral sediment like lime scale – probably in your water heater or pipes. To attack the problem, flush your water heater once a year. Next time these noises interrupt your relaxing shower, don’t panic!

Pipes Rattle – The rattling may surprisingly be coming from your outside plumbing system. If your pipes tend to shake, it’s possible that they simply need to be tightened. Securing them in place is typically all it takes to calm them.

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