Leaving on a Jet Plane? Don’t Forget the Plumbing

Barker and Sons, Vacation Plumbing Tips

Spring breaks are just around the corner and families or college pals are heading out in all directions. You might not be worried about leaving your home alone – high and dry – but you should pay a bit of attention to the plumbing before heading out of town.

This pre-vacation list will keep you from arriving home to a plumbing disaster:

Give your water heater a look over. Check the floor area surrounding your unit for wet spots or puddles. Leaks could be a sign that your heater should be repaired or replaced prior to vacation. Either way, there is usually a vacation mode available.

Make sure your sump pump is working. Spring is a stormy season and certainly calls for a backup sump pump system. Save yourself the trouble of a flooded basement and make sure your system is working properly and will turn on in the case of a storm.

Use a drain maintenance product. A foul odor tends to turn up from the drains if not used regularly. To freshen everything up and keep smells from rising, pour a drain maintenance product, such as Barker and Sons BioOne, down the drain before leaving.

Give emergency contacts your plumber’s number. If you have a neighbor check up on the house or pick up mail, leave them with a list of emergency numbers, as well. In the event that something is obviously wrong with the home you’re better off having them contact a plumber you are already comfortable with.

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