Your Guide to the Ultimate Relaxing Bath

After a long day of tackling responsibilities, one of the best things you can do is draw a bath. Similar to a massage, warm baths can reduce cramps, tension headaches, and sore muscles – providing a great way to unwind and improve a healthy lifestyle.

So take some “me” time this week and draw yourself the ultimate relaxing bath:
Woman bathing
Set the perfect temperature. You want your muscles to be relaxed, so fill up the tub with warm water. An ideal temperature for a soothing bath is 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Not sure if it’s too hot or too cool? Use your wrist to check the water temperature to be safe.

Choose scented bath oil. Lavender, jasmine, rose – floral scents like these can help ease the mind and body. So add oils to the tub when the bath is about halfway full. This will ensure that it’s evenly dispersed in the water.

Add a few candles. Bright lights in the bathroom don’t necessarily send the right signals to your body. Instead, place a few lit candles around the room and on the edge of the tub.

Close your eyes. After setting a dim lit atmosphere, close your eyes for ultimate relaxation. If you find this part difficult to do, cover your eyes with a cool compress or fresh cucumbers. Chamomile tea is another method that will help your lids to relax.

Tune into music. No relaxing bath would be complete without music to sooth your mood. Slip into your own oasis with music visualization exercises that lift the stress of a long day.

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