Protect Your Home From Unlicensed Plumbers

Believe it or not, there are unlicensed plumbers everywhere. You pick up the phone, call and few contractors, and choose the lowest price you can get. The problem with that is you risk hiring an unprofessional, untrained plumber.

So what exactly are the risks? Liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and home damage are just a few of the reasons to protect you and your home from unlicensed contractors.

As a homeowner, you hope that liability insurance will cover you in the event that a contractor causes even more damage than you may have started off with. If you think homeowner’s policy will protect you, think again – unless you have additional coverage for in-home employees, you’re likely to pay more out of pocket. And what if an unlicensed worker gets hurt on the job? Unlike contractors with a license, those who don’t are not covered by worker’s compensation. What this means for you is even more money!

Although it may cost you less cash upfront, hiring a worker without a license will cost you a larger expense in the long run. To protect your home from unlicensed plumbers, check with your local licensing authority for proof that the contractor who comes to your door doesn’t cost you.

Barker and Sons is licensed in the state of California through the Contractors State License Board. California requires anyone performing work on a project valued at or over $500 for combined labor and materials costs to hold a current and valid CSLB license. All contractors that do no should be reported.

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