Teaching Your Kids Basic Plumbing

We can’t help but laugh along with our kids as we watch them flush their toys down the toilet or throw food down the sink without thinking twice. Kids are smart and like to test the laws of nature, which is why it’s important to show them that plumbing is not magic and can cause damage to your pipes.

So what should we teach our kids about plumbing? Here are three major plumbing basics your little ones should know:

Avoid testing the waters. Toys and wipes are not to be played with when it comes to plumbing. Action figures and dolls may be able to swim in the bathtub, but make sure your kids keep them there. And even if baby wipes or cleaning wipes say “flushable”, toss them in the trash to prevent sewer backups.

Don’t throw food down the sink. Explain to your kids that they should scrape food off their dishes before placing them in the dishwasher or hand washing them. Greasy foods, stringy vegetables, and starchy pastas are big no-no’s. Click here for a complete list of foods you never want to put down the drain.

Know what to do in an emergency. If your little ones are big enough to stay home alone, explain to them the importance of keeping an eye and an ear out. They should be aware of how to shut off the water in the entire house in case of an emergency leak and know how to plunge a toilet or sink if needed. Ask if they are ready to take on these responsibilities before leaving them to handle it on their own.

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