World Environment Day: Eco-Friendly Ways to Use Home Appliances

In honor of World Environment Day, we wanted to share some ways you can help in protecting our planet – right from your own home! From dishwashers to stovetops, there are many ways we waste energy without even realizing it.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Barker and Sons is dedicated to educating our customers on what they can do to save the environment, so here are four eco-friendly ways to use home appliances:

Woman loading dishwasher
Refrigerators. Keeping the fridge running all day long is essential to keeping all our foods fresh as can be, but let’s try to keep it down to a minimum. Use a smaller refrigerator if you can, but remember: one larger fridge is better than two smaller ones! Also, shy away from using through-the-door water dispensers as they require even more energy.

Dishwashers. Did you know that Energy Star rated washers use at least 41 percent less energy than the federal minimum and use less hot water? That’s right! This means you not only save on your water heater bill, but you also help the environment. Believe it or not, Energy Star rated dishwashers require even less energy than hand-washing.

Clothes washers. Those that are Energy Star rated are able to cut energy and conserve water more than 40 percent when compared with traditional clothes washers. Because these machines are built without a central agitator, they save energy by spinning wet clothes in such a way that allows you to cut back on your dryer.

Cooking appliances. Electric ovens and stovetops can waste more energy than you planned on using. Opt for gas appliances, but be wary of the carbon monoxide they release. For this reason, your gas stove should have a hood that vents air outside of the house. And save your ovens for when the microwave or toaster just won’t do the job right. Heating up the oven for two minutes takes up far more energy than it takes to use the microwave for only five, so save it for the baking only!

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