The Truth Behind Common Plumbing Myths

 What have you heard about your plumbing that you believe to be true? That you can flush anything down the toilet? That leaks will fix themselves eventually? In an age where ideas can be spread like wildfire via the Internet, it’s only natural to come across something that sounds good and let it stick with you. But, if you aren’t careful, you could wind up with a list of myths long enough to write a book!

To save you from those plumbing myths that are floating around, we’ve debunked some of the most common ones below:

Myth: Lemon peels are the secret to a good smelling garbage disposal.
While yes, dropping a lemon peel into your garbage disposal will make it smell good, this item is a natural cause of plumbing problems! Like we’ve mentioned before, there are some food items that are just not meant to be put down the drain – lemon peels are one of them!

Myth: A brick in the toilet tank is the best way to save water.
Although displacing some of the water in your toilet’s tank can save water (which may be ideal in our state of drought) choosing to do so with a brick is a big mistake! As a relatively heavy duty object, bricks can cause damage to several of the parts that keep your toilet in working order. Not to mention, if you end up displacing too much of the water, you could wind up needing to flush more than once; that’s definitely a waste of this resource!

Myth: Leaks aren’t a major plumbing concern.
Even when they start out small, leaks are always something that must be addressed immediately. Not only are they a cause of wasted water, but small leaks can quickly become a big problem when left unattended and cost you much more in repairs!

Now let us ask you this – were you a firm believer in any of the above prior to reading this post? If so, we hope knowing the truth will steer you towards better household habits!

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