Ways To Be Eco-friendly This Thanksgiving

Multi Generation Family Celebrating Thanksgiving

Get a head count, clean the house, buy a turkey, cook the turkey – these are just some of the many items on a Thanksgiving host’s to-do list. And considering that it can be pretty overwhelming to be in charge, we know that there really isn’t time to think about much else until after all of the festivities are over. But if there was an opportunity to think about spicing up this year’s traditions, what would you do? If you asked us, we’d take the time to make our celebration a little bit greener, and here’s how we would do it:

Set up recycling bins: One of the simplest ways to get guests to do their part for the environment is by providing them with the means they need to do so. That’s where recycling bins come in! By placing a few around the house – especially in the kitchen – there’s no reason why everyone can’t place their waste in the appropriate spot.

Avoid disposable: It may prolong the time it takes to clean up once the day is done, but using place settings that aren’t disposable helps minimize how much trash is sent to landfills. Simply put, this means staying away from paper and plastic products for plates, silverware and cups.

Shop local: From fruits and vegetables to the most important part of the meal – the turkey – buying locally is an easy way to go green during any Thanksgiving feast. And the best part is that not only are you acting in an eco-friendly way by doing so, but you may also make the dining experience a more pleasant one as locally grown foods usually taste better since they don’t undergo as much packaging, shipping and traveling to get to you.

Open the windows: When cooking all day, it can be pretty easy for any home to feel warmer than usual. However, that doesn’t mean reaching for a fan or the A/C (depending on the climate) is the right approach! When the heat from ovens and similar appliances becomes to much, open a window and let the fresh air cool things off instead.

Save leftovers: There’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy a Thanksgiving meal after the day has already passed. Whether there’s a little bit of everything left over or just small servings of turkey or side dishes, we can’t think of one good reason why it should be thrown out. Instead, the best thing to do is save it all for another time!

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