Holiday Plumbing Tips

Just like you prep your home for the change in seasons or make some adjustments to your living space before undergoing a major renovation, you must also prepare for the holidays – especially your plumbing. While this isn’t to say you need to spend hours mingling with your pipes, it’s important to take the time to go from room to room and make sure your system is completely set up for success before your home is filled with holiday guests. Below, we outline three tasks to add to this year’s to-do list:

Happy family on Christmas Eve.

Unclog drains: For the sake of those guests who simply need to wash their hands and those guests that are traveling and require your shower, use the weeks leading up to the holidays to unclog any drains that have been giving you trouble. And even if you don’t see a clog during your inspection, you may want to consider drain cleaning so that you can prevent a problem before it starts.

Add protective covers: After you’re sure that your drains are clear, add protective coverings such as strainers to help prevent dirt and debris from piling up. This one’s especially important for those who have friends and family staying with them, since every extra person who takes a shower increases the likelihood that the drain can be backed up by hair.

Make disposal easy: If you don’t already have them, add a garbage can to each of your bathrooms and your kitchen to ensure that guests aren’t using your plumbing for the wrong reason. While you may think one tissue down the toilet won’t hurt, your best bet is to be proactive and prevent such actions from happening at all.

As you go about these tasks, don’t forget to also check for leaks and damaged fixtures along the way – you most definitely want to cover it all!

This holiday season, we at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter would like to remind you that we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with virtually any plumbing need. Whether it’s your drains, your pipes, or fixtures such as your sink, we have a solution that can rectify the situation in no time.

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