Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips: How To Prevent A Plumbing Problem

Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips

Thanksgiving is meant to be an exciting, fun-filled day spent alongside family and friends, not a day where you’re worried about any aspect of your home. Even when emergency services are available to you, we know that needing to put a screeching halt to your festivities to address home repairs is probably something you’d like to avoid. That’s why today, we’re covering how you can prevent a plumbing problem this year and spend more time focusing on the turkey and less time focusing on your pipes:

Be aware: As a holiday host it can get pretty hectic in your home, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to forget about all of the habits you’ve developed to keep your plumbing in check. For example, when it comes to getting rid of holiday waste, don’t just use your garbage disposal because it’s convenient. If something doesn’t belong down the drain, make the extra effort to dispose of it where it does.

Use water: When you are required to use your garbage disposal, make sure that you have the water running during and after use – even before it’s full. Why? Sending waste down the drain without any water to help isn’t ideal working conditions for your system.

Have a plan: If you’re in charge of the food, then it’s inevitable that you’ll have some cooking oil and fats to take care of during the clean-up process. And like we’ve said before, although it seems simple to just pour them down the drain, these are some of the most common causes of clogs. Therefore, you need to devise a plan of how you’ll get rid of them beforehand so that you aren’t tempted to use your plumbing for help.

Talk to guests: We know plumbing probably isn’t a common topic for discussion during Thanksgiving dinner, but if you aren’t upfront with your guests then they may not think anything of flushing tissues down the toilet or using the garbage disposal for scraps like fibrous foods and bones. So, before everyone starts chowing down, give them a friendly reminder about the right way to treat your system.

By following the above tips, you can not only prevent a plumbing problem on Thanksgiving day, but you can also prevent a plumbing problem from developing the day after – if you have big Black Friday shopping plans, then you definitely don’t want to have anything to worry about.

However, if a plumbing problem should pop up, know that you can always rely on Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter if you’re located in the Orange County area. For information about our emergency plumbing services, please call 714.630.8766 today.