How To Actually Get Rid Of Cooking Grease and Oil

Family cooking meal in kitchen

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t pour your cooking grease and oils down the drain – it’s an obvious source of clogs! But while you may know what not to do, a major problem is that some homeowners don’t know what to do, which leads them to sending it down the drain anyway. However, we’re here to put a stop to this! Below, learn how you should actually get rid of cooking grease and oil in a way that won’t cause any damage to your plumbing:

  1. Allow the greases and oils to sit and cool after cooking (you may want to freeze in the fridge), then transfer it into a sealed container. Once there is no room left to store any more, feel free to toss the container into your regular trash.
  2. If you have only a small amount of grease and/or oil to dispose of, wipe it up using a paper towel after cooking. Not only is a paper towel something you can easily throw away with your everyday trash, but the act of wiping the leftover grease off of your pots and pans will help prevent any excess from slipping down the drain when you do the dishes.
  3. Reuse it! Did you know that some oil and grease can be used again later as an ingredient for certain recipes? Just keep in mind what you used it for the first time to avoid any unusual tastes!

Regardless of which method you choose, the most important thing to remember is that grease and oil is no friend to your plumbing, so whatever you do, keep it away from your drain!

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