Quick Plumbing Fixes All Homeowners Must Know

Being a homeowner involves a ton of responsibilities – there’s lawn care, heating and cooling needs, cable and electric, and of course, your plumbing. But it isn’t as easy as just knowing basic information about each; you should also know what to do in the event that anything starts to act up. Specifically looking at the plumbing side of things, below are a few quick fixes we believe all homeowners must know.

Boy helps plumber fix clogged drain in Anaheim homeHow To Fix A Running Toilet

Running toilets can be a noisy nightmare! To minimize the hissing you hear, first turn off the shut-off valve connected to your toilet. Then, take out the rubber flapper from the flush valve that is found inside the tank and check for any damage. Next, take a look at the float chain and make sure that the float is sitting at the same height of your water level. If it isn’t, adjust it appropriately! Should this fail to solve the problem, you may need to install a new flapper all together.

How To Fix Leaky Shut-Off Valves

Faulty valves can turn into a huge problem for homeowners, so fix them before it’s too late! To start, close off the water supply that leads to the valve that is leaking. Once this is complete, use a wrench to loosen the bonnet nut found on the questionable valve. After, pull the nut back so that you can clearly see the valve’s threaded spindle and wrap some Teflon packaging around it. The last step is to simply tighten the nut back in place and turn the water-supply back on.

How To Clear A Clogged Tub

Clogged bathtub drains can wreak havoc in your home, especially when more than one person needs to get into the bathroom! To solve the problem, completely remove the overflow plate found at the end of the tub, including stoppers and any linkage rods. Then, send a drain snake through the opening, make sure it’s secure, then turn the handle to push it further down the drain. After you’ve done this two or three times, turn on the water to see if there is any improvement – as the water is running, continue to snake out the drain to completely clear the clog.

For further instructions on how to solve these common plumbing problems, as well as many more, check out this article from This Old House or give us a call today!

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