How To Make Your Plumbing More Efficient

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You may have heard that over time, your heating or air conditioning system will lose some of its efficiency due to old age. Well, the same goes for your plumbing – in both similar and different ways. For example, if you’re the first person to use your kitchen or bathroom sink after your home has been built, you’ll probably find that it drains pretty quickly. But, years down the line, you may start to notice that it takes much longer for the water to go down. On another note, your plumbing may not be as efficient as possible simply because of the fixtures you’re using. No need to worry though, we’re here to offer a few suggestions on how to make your plumbing more efficient, beginning today:

Install a Tankless Water Heater

Our team is a huge proponent of energy efficient installations, which is why we certainly promote tankless water heaters! Since tankless water heaters heat water the moment it’s needed instead of heating water in advance and then storing it, they naturally use a lot less energy to do their job. The less energy used, the more efficient the system!

Choose Low-Flow Toilets

Although you can save water at home by shortening your showers or turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth, you can also do so by choosing low-flow toilets over traditional ones. By nature, these fixtures use less water for every flush. Even if you aren’t in need of a new toilet just yet, keep these in mind for when you are.

Use a Water-Saving Shower Head

Just like we promote water conservation through low-flow toilets, we also encourage you to try water-saving shower heads (faucets too, of course). These fixtures will still help you rinse down, the only difference is that they’ll use less water to do it!

If you know us, then you know that we are all about going green, which is why it is our hope that you’ll join us and do everything you can to increase the efficiency of your plumbing! When you’re ready to install a tankless water heater, low-flow toilet or water-saving shower head, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 714.630.8766 – we would be more than happy to help!

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