Reasons To Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

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We’re all guilty of it – the minute we start to notice our drains are acting up, we reach for our “life-saving” drain cleaner or add it to the list of things we need to buy on our next shopping trip. But, from our expert point of view, those liquid drain cleaners that people think are the solution to plumbing problems are actually very harmful to our plumbing systems, the environment, even ourselves! Here are some of the specific reasons why we should all make an effort to avoid them:

They’re Toxic

Drain cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that can harm us, and even though you think they disappear down the drain, they may linger in the air where you first opened the bottle – a major danger to everyone in your home.

They Eat Away At Pipes

The purpose of these household drain cleaners is to break down clogs that are backing up your pipes, but since they have a lot to go up against, they’re made with strong ingredients that don’t mix well with your pipes . Therefore, over time, you may find that your pipes are not as functional as they once were.

They’re Hit Or Miss

Aside from the fact that exposure to the chemicals within liquid drain cleaners is bad for our health and the environment we live in, there is also no guarantee that they will work. So, why go through all that trouble and put yourself/the Earth in danger?

Here at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, we encourage our customers to leave the drain cleaning to us – we offer safe solutions and use the right products, such as BioOne, that are made with pipes, septic systems and the like in mind. We know just how damaging chemicals can be to plumbing systems, which is why we sought out this particular product – it contains no chemicals and meets the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard!

For more information about BioOne and our top-of-the-line drain cleaning services, please give us a call at 714.630.8766.