Three Reasons Why You Have No Hot Water

Man covered in soap suds shocked by leak in Fullerton home

Even when the sun is shining and the weather is as ideal as it can be, sometimes there is just nothing better than stepping into a nice hot shower at the end of the day. That is, until you turn the faucet all the way up but continue to get ice cold water pouring down on you. While it may just be a fluke the first time around and take a bit longer for things to warm up, if you experience a lack of hot water pretty often, there’s probably a good reason for it – and it might just be one of these:

Your Water Heater Is Getting Old

The most obvious reason of them all is that your hot water heater may just be approaching the end of its lifespan. If you’ve had the same water heater in your home since the day you moved in, chances are this is a sign that it’s time to consider replacing it. And when you do, be sure to inquire about a tankless system – they offer an endless supply of hot water!

Too Many People Are Looking For It At Once

Does your household operate on a system where everyone takes showers either at the same time (for those with several open bathrooms) or one right after the other? When the demand for hot water is relatively high, it can be much more difficult for your system to produce enough of it. If this sounds like it may be the case in your home, try letting some time pass in between each shower so that your system has a chance to heat up the next flow of water.

There’s A Buildup In Your Water Tank

After years of use, you may find that the minerals that flow into your tank with water have caused a sediment buildup. As a result of this, your water heater may not work as effectively as it should, which could have a lot to do with why you’re struggling to keep a nice flow of hot water. But the good news, however, is that you can prevent this by draining and flushing the tank regularly or lowering the water temperature.

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