Facts About Plumbing Leaks

Fix a Leak Week 2016 is just about coming to an end – did you take some time over the past few days to inspect your home for leaks you might have missed? We started our celebration by sharing how to check your home for leaks, then followed up with some tips on how to fix leaky pipes.:

  • When leaks are not repaired immediately, over time the water that drips out of pipes and fixtures will start to erode the pipes, resulting in larger leaks.
  • Most leaks are not obvious and will stay hidden for longer than you think.
  • The most common types of leaks are those that come from dripping faucets, leaky shower heads and worn toilet flappers.

Knowing just how much water can be wasted by ignoring leaks or failing to look for them, it’s extremely important that you dedicate some more time to being on the lookout for these types of plumbing problems. For those of you in Orange County, California, we are your pipe leak detection and repair experts and are available 24/7 to help you with any concerns you have surrounding leaks. To learn more about our services, please give us a call at 714.630.8766.