Reasons Why You Need To Have A Sump Pump

Calling all homeowners! Does your home have a basement? Whether it’s finished or unfinished, you should always have a sump pump installed – even if you suspect that your basement will never flood. The reason for this? No one can predict the future, and if your basement ever was to flood, we bet you’ll want to be prepared!

Mother and daughter finding a plumbing leak

Expanding on what we just mentioned, one of the obvious benefits of having a sump pump installed is that they can help protect your home from damage that would otherwise be caused by excess water build up – they’re one of the best tools to help keep things dry! Even if your basement is unfinished space and doesn’t store any of your valuable belongings, dealing with water damage can be a real hassle, so you might as well prevent it while you can!

An additional benefit of having a sump pump in your home is that they help in the fight against mold and mildew, which as you may know, are total health hazards to everyone in your family. Since mold and mildew is encouraged to grow under damp conditions, having a sump pump will make your basement an environment where it can’t thrive!

If you currently live in Orange County and don’t have a sump pump installed in your basement, contact us so that we can help you pick one out that will be worth your while! On the other hand, if you already do have one installed and you’re experiencing issues such as a clogged intake, ineffective drainage or a burn-out, our team can also address the problem so that you don’t go too long without it working.

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