5 Signs of Hidden Pipe Leaks You Shouldn’t Ignore

*Last updated March 23, 2018.

Unless your home has been designed in a way that all of your pipes are completely out in the open — which by the way, would probably defy the laws of matter and physics — you may have some difficulty pinpointing the exact source of a leak. In fact, you may have a hard time even detecting that there’s a leak, to begin with. Since you probably aren’t going to start opening up your walls so that you have direct access to every pipe each and every day, we wanted to share a few warning signs that suggest a hidden leak has taken over. When you know what to look for, having pipes that you can’t see will be a little less daunting!

5 Crucial Pipe Leak Warning Signs

  1. Spiking Costs: A higher than usual water bill is an easy way to tell that something is going on within your walls. Unless you’ve had a sudden change in your water usage, your water bill should be relatively consistent. When you notice a spike in charges, that may mean that water is being used unintentionally without you knowing.
  2. Mysterious Meter: Your water meter reading should only change when water is being used, so if you suspect that something is up, this is a good place to look to find out. Learn how to spot a sneaky leak by reading your water meter in another blog post.
  3. Mildew Formation: Although it isn’t unusual for small amounts of mildew to grow in places where water is constantly flowing (such as the corners of your shower), if it starts to build up quickly, and in strange places, that’s a surefire sign that you have a leak on your hands.
  4. Sudden Puddles: Unless you’ve spilled something, your floor shouldn’t be wet — sort of a no-brainer, right? So, if you notice damp spots on your carpet or your floor seems to be discolored, something may be leaking beneath it.
  5. Strange Noises: One of the more obvious warning signs is noise. If you hear hissing or dripping sounds near fixtures such as your toilet or sink, there’s a good chance water is flowing somewhere that it shouldn’t be.

Although they can be tough for the eye to spot directly, if you’re on the lookout for the five warning signs we listed above, you’ve got a better chance at catching a leak in time to have it repaired before things get out of hand. And, if you suspect a leak and still can’t find it, we can always help!

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