Creative Ways To Use PVC Pipes At Home

When you think about using PVC pipes at home, chances are you’re imagining some type of home improvement project that requires you to repair or replace part of your plumbing. But, did you know that PVC pipes can actually be used for other purposes throughout your home?

If you’re ever stuck with extra PVC piping that you don’t know what to do with or just want to get creative, below are a few DIY projects you can try.

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1. A wine glass holder.
If space is limited in your kitchen cabinets, take a piece of PVC piping and create an alternative storage solution! All you have to do is cut a channel through the bottom of the pipe that is big enough for your wine glasses to slide through, but small enough to keep them in place. Then, hang it upside down and you’re all set!

2. A coffee table.
Looking to add some more personality to your living room? Do so by creating a coffee table with PVC fittings and dowels! HGTV has all of the instructions you need to get started.

3. A hair accessory holder.
Organizing your bathroom can be tricky, especially when you have bulky hair dryers, curling irons and flat irons to store – but not anymore! PVC pipes are the perfect size and shape to hold hair dryers and other hair accessories and won’t make your bathroom look messy.

4. A drying rack.
Have a pool at home? Instead of leaving your towels on a chair to dry, you can make your very own drying rack out of PIVC pipes! No matter how big or how small you make it, this is also an easy way to add some more organization to your yard, especially when you have a lot of guests over that have towels to air out.

5. A draw organizer.
Regardless of how hard you try to keep them clean and organized, drawers will get messy from time to time. However, when you use PVC pipes as an organizer, it can make storing things like scarves and socks so much easier (and neater) – take a look at an example here.

For a more extensive list of DIY PVC pipe projects, as well as for example images of the projects outlined above, check out this article from i Creative Ideas.

If you complete one of these projects in the future, we’d love to hear about your DIY experience and how they came out! So, be sure to visit us on our social media profiles to tell us how things went and share some pictures with us.