Plumbing Tips for Summer Vacation

It may seem like summer is almost over (we know, can you believe it?), but there are still a few weeks left for you to pack in that summer getaway you’ve been thinking about. Before you head out, though, there’s one thing you need to know – how to prepare your plumbing for your absence. Whether you’re going to be gone for three days, a week, or as much as 14+ days, here are a few things you should do:

  1. Turn off your home’s water supply. Aside from the fact that small leaks can leave you with a high water bill at the end of the month, turning off the water supply is also important so that you don’t come home to a major flood. Accidents happen, but if your water is already turned off, you won’t have to worry so much!
  2. Test your sump pump. If your Orange County home has a basement, we know the last thing you’ll want is to come home to it underwater. So, test your sump pump about a week or two in advance of your trip to make sure it’s still working properly – if it’s not, contact us for help.
  3. Lower your water heater’s setting. Unless you have someone staying over to house sit, lower your water heater’s setting or even turn it off completely while you’re gone – doing so could even help reduce your energy bills for the month!
  4. Inspect your pipes for signs of trouble. Even if you don’t have any plumbing problems that you know of, it’s always a good idea to take a look and double check before you’ll be gone for a period of time. This way, if anything does look suspicious, you can have it taken care of in advance so that you don’t spend your trip worrying!
  5. Prepare contact numbers. In a worst case scenario that something does happen while you’re gone, you should leave family members, friends or neighbors with the number of your plumber so that they know who to call for help. We’ll make it easy for you – our number is 714.630.8766!

When you choose Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter to be your trusted plumber, you can rest assured knowing that we’re here to handle any plumbing problem, big or small, 24/7. We’re staffed with safe, licensed professionals and offer fast, same day service as we know that there are some plumbing problems that just can’t wait! If your home is in need of assistance while you’re away, just have someone give us a call  – we’ll take care of the rest!