5 Plumbing Tools Your Toolbox Can’t Be Without

Although as Orange County’s trusted plumbers we encourage everyone in the area to contact a professional when plumbing services are required, we still think it’s important for homeowners to have tools at the ready in case action needs to be taken – do you feel like your toolbox has what you need to address plumbing problems? To help you out, here are the top tools we believe your toolbox should never be without:

  1. Basin wrench. A basin wrench is essential for a few things, such as tightening and loosening nuts on your sink’s faucets. What’s especially helpful about these is that they can fit into unusual spaces behind the sink, making things easy for you if you ever need to work with the faucet’s bolts.
  2. Hand auger. We all know that a clog isn’t going to clear itself! That said, hand augers are a huge help to homeowners since they can be used to clear out tubs, showers and sinks. Keep in mind though that these are not ideal for clogged toilets – in that situation, you would need a toilet or closet auger.
  3. Plungers. While they may be a bit too big for your toolbox, you should have a plunger or two right next to it. You’ll want to have both a cup plunger and a flange plunger ready, as they serve different purposes when it comes to clearing clogs. Flange plungers are designed for toilets, and cup plungers are designed for tubs, sinks and showers.
  4. Metal file. You’ll be glad you have a metal file on hand if you ever have to cut metal pipes – metal files can help you smooth out those edges. Since there are different sizes available you’ll probably want to keep a few files in your toolbox.
  5. Thread seal tape. So important when it comes to leaks! You may hear people refer to this as PTFE tape or plumber’s tape, but regardless of what you call it, it can help you prevent leaks.

At Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, we know what it takes to solve any plumbing problem, and you can be sure that our plumbers are equipped with all of the tools they need to complete a plumbing job plus more.

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