We’re Your Experts in Plumbing Leaks!

Some plumbing problems can be tackled by property owners should they need to be addressed that very second, but one group of problems that we recommend always leaving to the pros are leaks – big leaks, small leaks, sink leaks, slab leaks, the list goes on and on. For anyone in Orange County, you’re in luck – the Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter team is an expert at handling all kinds of plumbing leaks!

It doesn’t matter if your home or office building is old or brand new – leaks will happen whenever they want, wherever they want. But what makes them so tricky sometimes is that they can be hard to detect – did you know that not all leaks will actually rise to the surface? With us, though, you never have to worry – our team won’t just fix leaks, but we’ll find them for you too if you’re having trouble locating the source. And we’re not just talking about leaks in your wall, we’re also talking about leaks that take place underground!

In addition to water leaks, we can also help with another type of leak – a gas leak! If you smell gas or suspect that something is wrong, a professional is needed right away, and we can be that professional for you.

No matter what day of the week it is, and regardless of what time you call, someone will always be here to personally assist you and provide you with the plumbing solutions you need.

For more information about our pipe leak detection and repair services or to schedule an appointment with us to address leaks in your home or building, please call 714.630.8766.