How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving Guests

While there may be a few weeks left until Thanksgiving, between work, school and all other obligations, it’s important to start preparing early on so that you give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Although for some, responsibilities are limited to picking out a few desserts or cooking the turkey, for others, holiday weekends mean family and friends are going to be staying over – which one sounds more like your situation for this year?

If you have guests that will call your house their home this Thanksgiving weekend, here are a few tips to prepare:

  1. Make space. Will your guests be staying in a guest bedroom, or will you have to make some accommodations in your den or living room? Regardless of where they’ll be staying, make sure you tidy things up and give them enough room to store their jackets, shoes and suitcases for the weekend.
  2. Add garbage cans. The last thing you need is for your toilet to back up while guests are present, so make sure you have garbage cans easily accessible in the bathroom – this will encourage guests to only flush what they’re supposed to.
  3. Check alarms. Here we’re talking smoke alarms, house alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. These should be ready to alert you in case of an emergency year round, so if you haven’t tested them lately, it’s a good idea to do so before guests arrive.
  4. Get drain strainers. More people in your home means more people will be taking showers, and thus, there’s a greater opportunity for hair to clog up your shower drain. So, to prevent any major plumbing problems, make sure your drains have the proper protection!
  5. Install lighting. Safety should be one of your number one priorities, so make sure that there’s plenty of lighting set up for guests both inside and outside of the house, such as in the hallways for those who get up at night.

Although it may take a little extra time and require you to set aside some additional hours for “chores,” your guests will be so thankful that you’ve made your home a comfortable and safe place for them!

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