How to Repair a Leaky Faucet Quickly

Aside from the fact that leaky faucets are a huge waste of water, constantly listening to the dripping sound they make is enough to get anyone looking into repairs as soon as possible. Yes, you should always contact a professional to ensure that the work is done correctly, but if you need to repair a leaky faucet super quickly, here are a few steps you should follow:

Step #1: Turn off the water.
Before you can begin any work, you’ll need to turn off the water that goes to that particular sink. If you can’t find the shut off valve, completely turn off your home’s water supply for the time being.

Step #2: Plug your sink’s drain.
The next thing you’ll want to do is take a sink plug (or a rag if you don’t have a sink plug available) to completely plug your drain. This is an important step because it can prevent important items and materials, such as a screw, from falling down the drain.

Step #3: Figure out what type of faucet you have.
Things will differ a bit depending on the type of faucet you have, so first look into whether you have a ball faucet, a cartridge faucet or a ceramic-disk faucet. Explanations of each are available here.

For Compression Faucets…
Your next step would be to remove each of your sink’s handles. Then, using a wrench, you’ll need to remove the nut – at this point you’ll be able to see the stem, which you’ll need to remove in order to see the O-ring and the seat washer. The seat washer, which is the thicker of the two, will need to be removed and replaced – once this is done, reassemble the handles and test things out!

For Ceramic-Disk Faucets…
Start by pushing back the faucet handle so that you can see the screw – once it’s visible, remove the screw and take off the handle. After this is complete, the next step would be to remove the escutcheon cap, then you’ll need to unscrew the disk cylinder mounting screws and take the cylinder out. Using a blunt screwdriver, the next course of action is to lift out the neoprene seals from the cylinder, and then use some distilled white vinegar and a plastic scouring pad to clean out the openings on the cylinder. Once all has been rinsed, replace the seals and put everything back together!

For more on fixing leaky faucets (including how to fix a ball faucet and a cartridge faucet), click here.

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