4 Solutions for Low Water Pressure

There’s nothing worse than getting into the shower after a long hard day, only to be faced with poor water pressure. The sad truth is however, is that more homes are plagued with low water pressure than you may think. If you’re one of the many homeowners that are fed up with less-than-desirable shower conditions, don’t fret. There’s hope for you yet – with these simple solutions:

1. Detect and Repair Leaks

Oftentimes, poor water pressure is the result of an undetected leak somewhere throughout your plumbing. Not only does this cause for an unsatisfactory shower, but it can create more serious issues as well if left unfixed. Think: mold, mildew, rot and corrosion inside your walls, to name a few.

2. Clean Out Your Plumbing

Over time, hard water can leave mineral deposits behind in your pipes. These deposits can calcify, causing scale and build-up to form, which slowly narrows the passageway for water. Hard water deposits can also form within your showerhead itself. Fortunately, a quick solution of lemon and vinegar can usually do the trick.

3. Install a Water Softener

Bounding off the above, if hard water issues persist in your home, water conditioning might be a good option. Water softeners use salt to remove hard minerals from your water eliminating clog-causing build-up altogether.

4. Consider a Water Pump

Perhaps your home requires a pump to give your water pressure that extra oomph it needs. If so, you’ve come to the right place! The best way to ensure you’ve chosen the perfect water pump is by consulting a professional, like those here at Barker and Sons.

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