How Do My Sewer Lines Work?

*Last updated on January 26, 2018.

Indoor plumbing is really a pretty nifty thing.

Just imagine — before sewer lines and drainage systems were invented, folks would have to go all the way outside to do their business. Doesn’t sound so convenient, especially in the middle of the night, does it? Fortunately, technological advances have prevailed over the years, making indoor plumbing and drainage a staple in nearly every home nationwide. If you’ve ever wondered just how those systems work, we’re here to unveil the mystery!

The 3 Main Components of a Home Drainage System

  1. Ventilation Pipes: Would you have guessed that some of the most important parts of your plumbing don’t even carry water? When it comes to draining sewage from your home, having adequate ventilation allows stinky odors and toxic sewer gases to be carried up and out of your home.
  2. Curved Traps: Take a look at the plumbing for your toilets and sinks, you’ll notice that the pipes directly underneath form an S or a P shape. The purpose of this is to keep a tight water seal between the opening of your drain and the piping itself, keeping smelly odors out. In toilets, these traps also keep standing water in the toilet bowl, so an empty bowl could mean a trap problem.
  3. Main Drain: All drain pipes in your home come together and meet just below your house, at the main drain. Here, wastewater is carried out to your municipal sewer lines or septic system, depending which one is used in your area.

If you’re purchasing a home, make sure to have a qualified plumbing inspector evaluate the home’s sewer line and drainage system before you sign on that dotted line. Though they can be repaired, plumbing problems can be a huge and costly inconvenience if not handled properly from the start.

Trust Barker and Sons to Keep Your Drains Clean!

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