The Facts About Leaks and Leak Detection

“Drip, drip, dip” — it’s the familiar and all-too-annoying sound of that leaky faucet in the master bathroom you’ve been meaning to fix for far too long. Well, what if we told you that, that one leaky faucet, dripping at an average rate of one drip per second, can waste up to 3,000 gallons of water each year? And, if it’s dripping even faster or there are multiple leaky faucets and pipes hiding within your walls, that number just keeps going up and up!

Still not sold that your sneaky leaks are worth finding and fixing? Here are some more facts to convince you otherwise:

  • On average, the typical household wastes more than 10,000 gallons of water each year to leaks. That’s enough water to wash 270 loads of laundry!
  • On a national scale, households can waste up to 1 trillion gallons of water per year, which is enough to supply 11 million homes with running water all year long.
  • Think your plumbing’s perfect? Consider this: 10% of homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water or more per day.
  • Toilet flappers, dripping faucets and leaky valves are the most common culprits when it comes to plumbing problems. Fortunately, they can all be taken care of with just a quick fix!
  • Fixing your leaky plumbing can save you an average of 10% on your annual water bill.
  • If your water usage exceeds 12,000 gallons per month, that’s a pretty good indication that leaks are present and in need of repair.

As EPA WaterSense’s Fix a Leak Week comes to a close, we’re here to remind you of the importance of finding and fixing leaks not only this week, but all year long.

If you’ve got a sneaky leak that needs fixing, or if it’s been awhile since you had your plumbing inspected by a professional, Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter is the only name you need to know. Our leak detection and plumbing repair services are well-renowned by folks all over the Orange County, CA area. But, if you don’t believe us, dial 714-630-8766 to schedule same-day service and see or yourself!